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Farm Equipment From Top Brands

We retail top brands of farm equipment from suppliers such as SIP, NC, Tanco, Kverneland, Sulky, MX Loaders, Prodig, Mastek and Vector Post Drivers.

We have a vast knowledge of all the equipment we sell as well as other leading providers and pride ourselves on looking after each machine we sell which is key to obtaining future sales.

Dribble Bars

Dribble Bars Ireland
Dribber Bars Machinery

Disc Mowers

Disc Mowers
Disc Mowers Ireland

Super 3000 & 3800 Agitators

Nc super 3000 agitator su
Nc super 3000 agitator su 2
Nc super 3800 agitator 2
Nc super 3800 agitator

Prodig Shear Grabs

Prodig shear grabs
Prodig shear grabs 2

SIP ALP Disc Mowers

Sip alp disc mowers
Sip alp disc mowers 2

SIP Silvercut Mowers

Sip silvercut mowers
Sip silvercut mowers 2

SIP Spider Tedders

Sip spider tedders
Sip spider tedders 2

SIP Star Rakes

Sip star rakes
Sip star rakes 2

Sulky Dx20 1.5 Tonne Fertiliser Spreader

Sulky dx20 1
Sulky dx20 1

Tanco Bale Shear

Tanco bale shear
Tanco bale shear 2

Vector Model 1+ Post Driver

Vector model 1 post driver
Vector model 1 post driver 2

Tractor Sprayers & Bale Handlers

Agrional tractor sprayers
Mchale soft hands bale handlers